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Making a 3D model with a Lidar way (LIght Detection And Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging) Drone is much easier than in the traditional way. Because of the technology that determines the distance to an object or surface through the use of laser pulses, making a 3D model is a piece of cake. Our mission is to make it as easy and natural as possible to use a drone for 3d mapping. Are you ready for the future?


Flying with a lidar drone is simple and can be learned within a few hours.


Because uploading is possible immediately, you can quickly view the results.

Full integration

The scan is immediately converted to the applications you use.


Our drone always does it, in all circumstances and can take a beating.

What can a Lidar Drone mean for your company?

Our lidar scan drones


We offer various lidar scan drones. The drones are each equipped with different lidars, we look at what the drone should be used for and decide together with the customer how the drone should be put together.

Our lidar scan drones

The Lidar that we offer you is customer specific. All lidar drones do the same but the small differences make one drone a little more suitable for a particular application than the other. We would be happy to advise you on this.


What do you see with a Lidar:

3D Elevation models of a terrain;

3D Terrain models where ‘not ground’ objects such as trees etc. can be removed;

Volume calculations of raw materials;

3D models of buildings or industrial installations;

The mapping of small objects such as power lines;


The LiDAR system has the following features:

Equipped with an RTK and PPK GNSS system for a very accurate positioning.

Multi return laser scanner that can map the ground level under vegetation even better;

Easy Fly

Operating and flying our drones is super easy: the drone is fully autonomous. After you have entered your inscan area on a tablet, the drone determines its own route. And flies independently and then returns again. The law requires that the driver always has the drone in sight, and has the opportunity to intervene if necessary. We will teach you all this in a training session of just a few hours.

Easy Result

The data that the lidar drone gathers is stored on an SD card. You can easily load this into our software and generate a 3D model. From there you can do the analysis yourself on the spot or at the office for volume calculations, terrain drawings, visualisations, canal inspection, building inspections and more.

Our software

We use a variety of software. All very simple to use and user friendly – but varying in the level of freedom to change settings. The choice is completely depending on your preferences.

Full service

A drone is an important piece of machinery for your company. That’s why we believe it should always work. Should a malfunction arise or your drone is damaged in some way, we make sure you have a working drone at your disposal within 24 hours. This could be your repaired drone, or a spare. That’s why we value our 24/7 service.

Dutch legislation

The legislation on drones is relatively simple. Through this link you can read all about what is permitted and not allowed. In the Netherlands, you can almost always carry out your 3D scans outside the built-up area. Within the built-up area it is also possible to request an additional exemption. We can offer you support in obtaining this exemption.

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